MEERKAT DIGGER is a professional supplier of design, manufacturing, sales and service of mini diggers in Australia. The management team has more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of mini diggers. The Meerkat range of mini diggers is our premium range and offers the most cost-effective and the best value mini digger in the Australian market today.

According to different applications that the user requires you can customize the mini digger that suits you best.

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The Best Value Mini Digger

All metal parts are treated with electrophoresis and anti-rust treatment. When compared with other manufacturers' mini diggers we have completely solved the dead angle problem of metal parts shot blasting incomplete treatment.

All connecting pin shaft diameters are all 30mm and use a special heat treatment process. Each joint has specially treated metal bushings and lubricating nipples that when properly lubricated ensure a lifetime of use. Some mini diggers in the market claim to use special shafts and sleeves that do not need lubrication. However, the service life of some competitor shaft and sleeve is only about two years. Every two years, the manufacturer would need to dismantle the joints and replace the joints, which would be a very costly exercise in both time and money.

Our newest Diggers & Loaders

Our Attachments


Trenching filler

Weight:124 Kg Size:50.6×18.9×16.4 inch Fill width:40.9 inch


Size:60.8x39.8x34.5inch Weight:177 Kg Max trenching depth:31.5/47.2 inch Once trenching width:6.1 inch Chain speed:154 m/min

Swing digger

Size :1895x889x451 Right swing angle:61.93 degree Left swing angle :64.92 degree

Sweeper with bucket

Weight:197 Kg Size:40×37.1×21.1 inch Brush diameter:19.7inch Sweeping width:41.3 inch


Weight:142 Kg Size:41.4×54.6×22inch Brush diameter: 19.7 inch Sweeping width:41.3 inch

Stump grinder

Weight:195KG Size:38.78x28.8x27.56inch Teeth:16 pieces Max cutting width:32.68inch Rotation angle:30 degree

Rotary tiller

Size:51.96×23.39×18.7 Weight:98 Kg Working width:39.37inch Working depth: 2.36-5.9 inch No. of the teeth:25

Rock bucket

Weight:85 Kg Size:25×42×14.1 inch Distance between teeth:2 inch

Multi-function tool

Ripper , lifting device, tow bar , transporting system Weigh:48.43 Kg


Weight: 63Kg Size:32.55×47.24×15.35 inch Max effective width:47.24inch

Lawn mower

Size:55.9×46.9×20.9 inch Weigh:184 Kg Mowing width:42.13 inch Mowing height: 1- 4 inch No. of the blades:3 Flow:25 L/min

Lawn aerator

Weight:109 Kg Size:53.3×29.5×24 inch Digging depth:4.13 inch Digging width:42.8 inch

We are a proud Australian business catering for the needs of Australians.

We understand that sometimes you may need to return a product you have purchased from MEERKAT DIGGER ,
to assist you, we have set out below the MEERKAT DIGGER.
1Your Rights under the Australian Consumer Law:
Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a repair, replacement or refund for a major failure limited to product or machine failure only.
You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality.

1. You shall inspect the Goods on delivery and shall within seven (7) days of delivery (time being of the essence) notify MEERKAT MINI DIGGERS of any alleged defect, shortage in quantity, damage or failure to comply with the description or quote.

2. You shall also afford MEERKAT MINI DIGGERS the opportunity to inspect the Goods within a reasonable time following delivery if you believe the Goods are defective in any way.

3. If you shall fail to comply with these provisions the Goods shall be presumed to be free from any defect or damage. For defective Goods, which MEERKAT MINI DIGGERS has agreed in writing that you are entitled to reject, MEERKAT MINI DIGGERS liability is limited to either (at the MEERKAT MINI DIGGERS discretion) replacing the Goods or repairing the Goods except where you have acquired Goods as a consumer within the meaning of the Trade Practices Act 1974 or the Fair Trading Acts of the relevant state or territories of Australia, and is therefore also entitled to, at the consumer’s discretion either a refund of the purchase price of the Goods, or repair of the Goods, or replacement of the Goods.
2Returns will only be accepted provided that:
(a) You have complied with the provisions outlined above, and
(b) where the Goods are unable to be repaired, the Goods are returned at your cost within thirty (30) days of the delivery date, and
(c) MEERKAT MINI DIGGERS will not be liable for Goods which have not been stored or used in a proper manner, and
(d)the Goods are returned in the condition in which they were delivered and with all packaging material, brochures and instruction material in as new condition as is reasonably possible in the circumstances.

4. MEERKAT MINI DIGGERS may (at their sole discretion) accept the return of Goods for credit but this may incur a handling fee of up to twenty percent (20%) of the value of the returned Goods

5. Where a failure does not amount to a major failure, MEERKAT MINI DIGGERS is entitled to choose between providing you with a repair, replacement or other suitable remedies.

6. Your rights under the Australian Consumer Law are not limited by a defined time. However, the Australian Consumer Law does recognise that the relevant time period can vary from product to product, depending on factors such as the nature of the product and the price.

MEERKAT MINI DIGGERS adopts the same approach. As you can appreciate, the type of remedy we can offer you may also vary depending on how long it takes you to return the product to us.
3Goods may be returned to AUSSUN MINI DIGGER PTY LTD provided that:
(i). You (the purchaser) must return your goods within 14 days of the initial request.
(ii). A return authorisation is not a credit note, and it is not an agreement for replacement or
refund, this will be determined upon the receipt of your goods to the designated MEERKAT MINI DIGGERS .
(iii). Prior approval or a reference ‘return authorisation number’ must be provided MEERKAT MINI DIGGERS .
(iv). Refunds will only be processed if the goods are returned in original packaging and in a re­sellable condition except where special arrangements have been made.
(v). The buyer is responsible for all freight costs except where special arrangements have been made or goods have been incorrectly supplied.
(vi). All necessary information is supplied by you the purchaser.
(vii). If the above conditions are not met, MEERKAT MINI DIGGERS reserves the right, at its own discretion to cancel and dishonour a ‘return authorisation’ request.

We have more than 30 types of attachments to choose from to suit your application.

• We have more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of compact earth and construction vehicle machinery

• Full 4 way Italian joy stick on the left side, freeing up the right hand for the bucket (similar to a posi track system)

• We have more than 30 types of attachments to choose from to suit your application.

• Our machine has flat face quick release fittings that effectively stops dust entering the oil system

• Structurally designed from the ground up to ensure greater stability and strength.

• We have an established sales, service and parts center in Melbourne.

Engine Warranty

Gasoline engine warranty for 3 years. Diesel engine warranty for 2 years.

Super Battery

Startup is easy with a large capacity battery.

Parts & Labour

1 year warranty including Parts and labour Australia wide.

System Design

Belt drive system designed to reduce tension and vibration extending the life of your pump.

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