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You’ve worked hard, now it’s time to free yourself with the M33.

You’ve worked hard, now it’s time to free yourself with the M33.

This workhorse is similar in specs to a big name brand and is designed for those that really want to get the job done in a hurry or take on larger projects that a smaller capacity machine could not handle.

Fitted with a reputable Perkins 33HP Diesel engine, Italian pump delivering up to 56LPM , with 4 American hydraulic motors ,it is sure to get all your jobs done. This is what you need when too much is not enough.


Facts about M33

The 33 hp Perkins diesel engine is mated to a quad pump and four hydraulic drive motors.

The Perkins 33hp diesel engine is mated via a direct drive double-piston pump with double-gear pump.
The double-piston pump controls the movement of the machine via a joystick control, with a built-in driving safety lock, which requires the the operator stand on the pedal to engage driving control.
Driving the machine is safe & easy both for the novice and allows fine control by a seasoned professional.
The double-gear pump with both high and low flow control supports the normal working and power output required for the operation of all attachments including trencher. Coupled together the machine moves faster and is more agile. It is equipped with a confluence control valve and three power outputs for the hydraulic attachments are available with 11.2 L/min, 44.8L/min and 56L/min that can be selected at will by a dash mounted control switch.

Designed for heavy duty applications that require high performance.

Superior structural design, whether it is in the body or the boom, ensures greater stability and strength;
Featuring a high ground clearance of 200mm and the total width of the machine is only 1030mm;
Large long range fuel tank design holding 53L;
Hydraulic oil tank 52L;
Large-capacity battery 90 amps;
Extra large hydraulic oil cooler and water cooler, forced cooling at start-up.

When you need a real workhorse but space is limited,
M33 has the answer.
Contact your local dealer to find out more today.

M33 main specification

Main performance parameter