The Professional in Mind

The professional in mind

The M25 has been designed with the professional in mind to greatly increase on the job performance though easy enough for a novice to use. Featuring increased lifting capacity and higher dumping height (hinge pin height) as well as upgraded to 4 hydraulic motors, one at each wheel meaning it will maintain full driving force at each corner and dispense with the need for chain maintenance.

Along with a 3 year engine warranty and a 1 year machine warranty these are just some of the improvements made to this machine.


Facts about M25

Featuring a powerful independent dual hydraulic system

The mini digger adopts a 25 hp Kohler cyclone air filter engine, covered by a manufacturer’s engine warranty for 3 years. Mated to a double pump & valve or triple pump & valve to form a dual independent hydraulic system.
By changing the operational limitations that single pump & valve inheritently have by splitting pressure and flow, the two-way oil supply can be controlled independently, minimizing the associated impact of each on the machine's functions.

Easy maintenance and repair

Meerkat mini digger has been designed from the ground up with the operator in mind and we have made servicing very easy which could save you over the long term. It features an opening hood with fold out radiator, including a lift off instrument panel that makes machine inspection, maintenance easy to do.

M25 main specification

Main performance parameter